The Student Support officers/staff strives to embody the vision and mission of the College by providing expert and exceptional service to students - with the end product being a happy, motivated and balanced individual who has reached his/her full potential.

In order to achieve these ideals different service areas are managed by the Student Supporters at CS Barlow, CN Phatudi campus and Apel :

  • Financial Support: The Student Supporters on the respective campuses in collaboration with the College Finance Department are responsible for notifying students about, and administering, bursaries. ABSA and Standard Bank visit campuses during orientation and assist students to apply for study loans.
  • Wealth & Wellness / Orientation: The Sport and Culture Co-ordinator and the SRC organise informal activities during orientation. The Miss Barlow and Miss CN Phatudi beauty contest, HIV/AIDS awareness day, Drugs and Alcohol Abuse day are held to preach healthy lifestyle. The College partnered with Ndlovu Awareness Progam and Love Life to alert students about the danger of HIV/AIDS.
  • Leadership Development: The Student Support help to facilitate the SRC elections annually and once the students democratically elected their leadership, we organises the three-day leadership training camp. All the SRC members of the two campuses attended two joint sessions during the year.
  • Career Development: The PACE interest questionnaire is available on every campus. Students  complete the questionnaire and the Student Supporters discuss possible careers with the students concerned. Students are also given assignments to do research on the internet about careers.
  • Social Development:  A number of social occasions are organised by the SRC on different campuses, e.g. Miss Valentines Day, Fresher Bash, the end of year function, etc. Students enjoy attending these occasions.
  • Sport: The students are encouraged to participate in the various sporting codes available at the college, that include soccer, netball, softball, chess, etc and the college take part in the Sport tournament organised by the LIFETSCA.
  • Emotional Support: Student Support offer emotional support and therapy to students on a regular basis and arrange debriefing sessions for students supporters.