Support Services

  • Student Affairs & Support Officers/staff (LASOs): These are dedicated staff members who take care of SSS matters at Campuses.
  • Information Desk Services: This is the receiving point for all students especially the new ones. They are informed about career guidance sessions arranged whereby information of various programmes offered at the College is disseminated so that they make an informed career choice.
  • Induction sessions: How will you know about the institution if you have not been orientated about it? This is where the induction sessions come in. Students are informed about among other things, namely: College management, who is who at the campus, programmes offered, bursaries available, student code of conduct, rules and regulations, SRC and facilities and other services available.
  • Bursaries: The Department of Education (DoE) has made bursaries available for NCV and Report 191 students and such bursaries have been awarded to those students who have applied. The College also offers different types of financial assistance such as indigent (for the needy) and merit (top achievers). Enquiries can be made at the SSS office at the campuses.
  • Student Representative Council: Every student gets the opportunity to nominate and elect the SRC at the Campus who will represent them at the College level. The induction and leadership training is arranged for the elected SRC members. A follow-up training is organised later in the year for support purposes. They represent students at various College decision-making processes.
  • Academic support: Media/study centres are available together with internet facilities. The College also uses PLATO to help students with study methods, mathematics and language proficiencies.  Academic support is provided to students who need extra assistance in Maths and English.
  • Library:  A library is available at each campus to assist and provide information to students.  Students can make copies and do research on the Internet to complete their assignments.  The library has cubicles which is ideal for study purposes.
  • Psychological and counselling services: These services are provided by qualified Educational Psychologists and the College is rendering them freely to our students to ease their study/family or social problems they might be encountering.
  • Job placement: Students are assisted in securing apprenticeship, learnership programmes or employment with potential employers.
    Diploma/Certificate ceremonies: The students price giving are held annually at the campuses to reward those who achieved excellent academic results. The Diploma ceremony is held at the College level in recognition of those students (diplomandi) who have qualified and have received their diplomas. Top Achievers per campus and the overall Top Achievers for the College are awarded prizes for their academic excellence.
  • Sport, Arts and Culture (SAC): Students take part in various sporting codes such as soccer, netball, volleyball, chess, etc. Our College teams complete provincially and nationally.

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